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How can I ride a hot air balloon?

How can I ride in a hot air balloon? 

Festival sponsors are given VIP rides, dinner tickets with a pilot meet-and-greet, and loads of other great perks!

Reserve your ride today: 

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Where do the balloons launch?
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Where do the balloons launch?

The Hot Air Balloons launch at the Vernal Middle School from 6:30 AM - 8:30 AM


Bring your lawn chairs and camera for an unforgettable morning! 

What's a Nightglow?

What's a Nightglow?

Dazzling hot air balloons are set up along

Main Street and put on an epic light show.

Visitors can walk right up to the balloons, talk to the pilots, and even pull the

fire trigger. 

Bring your camera because Nightglows are an amazing sight!

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How many hot air balloons are flying?
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How many hot air balloons are flying?

Come see Utah's BIGGEST Hot Air Balloons Festival!

We have dozens of hot air balloon pilots coming from all over the country. 

Bring your camera - you won't want to miss this!

How do I Volunteer?

Bring your family and friends to be up close to the balloons. Each balloon requires several volunteers.

We need your help!


Sign up to be a volunteer here:

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How do I volunteer?
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How do I become
a market vendor?

Join our market!

Sign up to be a market vendor here:

How do I become a vendor at the market?
What else is there to do in Vernal?

What else is there to do in Vernal?

Our town has SO many adventures!

Check out where to eat, sleep,

and play here:

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